How Your Summer Plans Change When You Get Engaged

How Your Summer Plans Change When You Get Engaged

Summer is the season to kick back, relax, and enjoy some good old fresh air. But the summer after you've gotten engaged might shake up some up of your usual beach and chill plans, transforming your free time into time spent making wedding plans, meeting with vendors, and reading about all things bridal. You might even start to see that some of your longstanding summer traditions, like trips to your family's summer house or vacations to a new spot get tabled for the time being.

If you're recently engaged and eyeballing the entrance of the summer season, here are four things that might happen this summer now that you are engaged.

1. Your Summer Vacation Gets Ditched

If you find yourself using summer as a time to pack up and go, traveling to destinations that you've been daydreaming about all year, the summer after you get engaged might need to be more low-key. Since summer is usually more given to relaxation and downtime, you'll find yourself using that time to plan and using the cash you would have spent on vacation to pay for your items on your wedding to-do list, like flowers, cocktail hour, or even the wedding dress of your dreams.

2. You're Taking Notes at Weddings

Since summer is synonymous with wedding season, if you start attending a handful of weddings after you got engaged, you might also find yourself carrying around a notebook (or just using the notes on your phone) to the celebrations, writing down the things you want at your wedding and the things you are OK skipping. From songs that you want your DJ to play to food items that you see the guests stuffing themselves silly with during cocktail hour, your summer wedding plans become less of a chance for you to let loose and party, and instead becomes research.

3. You're Ditching Your Summer Reads

All those books you've been jotting down on a must-read list on your phone? They might need to take a back seat. Your summer reading plans will start to include bridal magazines, wedding blogs, and even Facebook groups that are filled with other engaged women asking for advice and giving advice that you're going to want to eyeball again and again. You will find yourself saying goodbye to a romantic comedy beach read and instead saying hello to folding down pages of potential wedding dress styles in a magazine.

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4. You're Seeking Escape Via an Engagement-Moon

One of the biggest trends of 2018 is for engaged couples to entertain their pre-wedding stress by heading out on an engagement-moon, a trip that helps the couple relax, come together on wedding decisions, and reconnect. If you find yourself wanting to take a midsummer break from wedding planning and stress, you might find yourself going on an engagement-moon getaway for the weekend, which might actually be the best summer trip you could ever ask for.