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Fallen Off of the Get-Fit Wagon? 10 Tips to Get Back on Track Now

Fallen Off of the Get-Fit Wagon? 10 Tips to Get Back on Track Now

You wake up on Monday after a weekend of fun, friends and a lot of food with a pit in your stomach. You've officially fallen off the get-fit wagon and your wedding day is on the horizon. Experts agree than instead of riddling in guilt, it's important to brush off the Cheeto dust and get back on track. Fitness experts Pauline Nordin and Holly Perkins, author of Lift to Get Lean, are here to help. Read on for their 10 best tips on getting back to getting fit for the big day:

1. Start Today, Not Tomorrow

That whole "diet starts Monday" mentality is doing more damage than you think. "It's easy to procrastinate, but every day you push forward the hard work, the quicker you will get back on track," says Nordin.

2. Begin Small

Your body hates abrupt changes and a complete overhaul of your diet is too hard to stick to. "Focus on making small improvements each day rather than drastically changing your diet," says Perkins. If your weakness is a glass of wine every night, cut it down to three times a week rather than going cold turkey.

3. Put It in Writing

Putting pen to paper and jotting down your goals solidifies your task. "Everyone can dream about being fit, but dreams don't lead to results," Nordin says."Doing does!"

4. Ease Back Into Your Workouts

Perkins suggests starting with moderate session 3 times per week for the first week and increasing frequency and intensity from there over the course of 3 weeks.

5. Focus on Weight Training

Let's face it; the biggest motivation is seeing results. "Cardio, pilates and Zumba do not burn fat 24/7, but that's what happens when you hit the weights," says Nordin.

6. Shop Full and Informed

Hitting the grocery store when you're hungry can lead to unhealthy choices, Nordin says. Also, always read the nutrition labels. Hidden sugars that will derail your diet are hidden in a lot of foods.

7. Reconsider "Health Food"

Typically good-for-you salads can turn bad quickly when topped with dressing, bacon bits and bread crumbs. "These dishes have as many calories as a small pizza, if not more," Nordin says.

8. Eat a Power Combo

Protein, healthy carbs and fats should be the stars of every meal or snack you eat. "This will balance your blood sugar and keep hunger cravings at bay," says Perkins.

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9. Know What Foods to Avoid

We're looking at you sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Instead, drink tons of water to flush out your system, Perkins says. As a rule, you should aim to drink your weight in ounces each day.

10. Be Kind to Yourself

Remember, if you've been off the wagon for several weeks, know that it may take a few weeks to get back on track," says Perkins. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll reach your big day goals.