5 Things to Say to Your Bridesmaids to Keep Them Excited About Your Wedding

5 Things to Say to Your Bridesmaids to Keep Them Excited About Your Wedding

Being a bridesmaid is a lot of fun, but sometimes it can feel like a lot of work. Without even realizing it, your bridesmaids might be burned out from planning some of your pre-wedding events and also from hearing about too many of your wedding details. To keep them engaged and excited before your wedding happens, use this list of five things you can do and say to get them pumped up before the big day.

1. "Choose the Dress of Your Dreams"

One of the biggest stressors of being a bridesmaid is waiting to hear what style bridesmaids' dress you've picked out for them to wear. Since not all dresses look good on all body types and some colors make members of your girl squad feel washed out, especially in winter months, the waiting game can be an anxious one for them.

To get them excited about your wedding and about their role in your wedding party, let them know how much freedom they have with their bridesmaid's dress. Give them a heads-up that they can pick any dress they want as long as it's a certain color. Or if you are doing multiple colors, get them excited with photo examples of colors you had in mind and dress styles that you think would look good on them.

2. "Can You Help With the Playlist?

One of the best parts of any wedding, and one of the parts that most of the guests look forward to the most, is hitting the dance floor. Keep your bridal squad stoked about your wedding by asking them to send over any and all of the latest songs that they're diggin'. Share what you're thinking, playlist-wise, with them before the wedding for feedback. Or even ask your bridesmaids to make a morning-of-the-wedding playlist that you can blast while everyone's getting ready.

3. "What Are Your Do's and Don'ts?"

Being a bridesmaid means that you wear many hats before the wedding. Not everyone enjoys planning the bachelorette party, setting up for the bridal shower, or even helping with DIY projects. Keep your bridesmaids interested in your wedding, before it happens, by asking each one what they'd like to help with and what they'd like to skip. That way, you are involving them in the way they'd like.

4. "Here Are Some of My Wedding Surprises"

Let your bridal party in on some of the inside details of your wedding plans. Perhaps you're doing a secret dessert bar or a photo booth. Let them know a few wedding secrets so that they too have something exciting to look forward to.

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5. "What Wedding-Day Glam Do You Want?"

Weddings are fun for bridesmaids because they get to experience head-to-toe glam. Whether you're hiring a beauty squad to come in that morning for hair and makeup or you're having your bridesmaids go where they'd like for hair and makeup, ask them about what kind of look they want to pull off for the wedding. Browsing styles for hair and makeup is a conversation that'll get everyone counting down the days until your wedding.